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Note: Bryan Davis discussed his vision for action during this time of transition in his sermon on June 29, and asked for everyone's engagement in this process. Download the full text (PDF)

10:00 AM WORSHIP on July 27: "General Assembly Sunday," led by Robyn Kubanek. The Unitarian Universalist Association held the 53rd annual General Assembly (GA) on June 25-29 in Providence, Rhode Island. Though most of us were not able to attend our denomination's gathering of worship and workshops, the wonders of modern technology now allow us to participate from afar. Come celebrate gatherings of Unitarian Universalists both large and small, near and far by participating in portions of the GA Sunday worship.

11:15 AM FORUM on July 27: The Forum this week will be twofold: come enjoy coffee and conversation, or help prepare for the Peoples Church and neighborhood garage sale on August 2. We will be making posters with the RE gang. Others will be going through the neighborhood distributing flyers. We also need help in pricing some of the things being contributed for sale to benefit the church.

We will also be glad to have people come forward to hold their own garage sales on our parking lot.  So if you want some tips on what to bring and how to price stuff please stop in to the Ely room after church on either of the next two Sundays.

Also, PLEASE PASS THE WORD about our garage sale to your own friends and neighbors. We are a "welcoming" community and would like to have anyone come to share in the fun, find out more about us and this church, and make a little money too!

Special Note: Mark Your Calendars!
Our new interim minister, Reverend Jeff Briere, will lead his first service at Peoples on August 3rd! The service that Sunday will be "The Question Box," and we'll all have a part in it.  Our job is to ask questions, and the Rev. Jeff Briere's job is to answer them.  Ask questions about the interim period, what it will be like, what's the purpose, and what's gonna happen. Ask questions about Rev. Briere, what he's like, his background, where he's been, and what he does after hours.  Ask questions about anything that bothers you, like, "What is the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything?" This is not reserved to adults only.  Children are especially encouraged to ask questions as well.

Email your questions to our church administrator, Pam Edwards, at office@peoplesuu.org (or click the link) by 4:00 pm Wednesday, July 30th. And make sure to come ask questions and welcome our new minister to Peoples!

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